• Audit of financial statements of BANKS.
  • Preparation and audit of consolidated balance sheets for groups of banking companies.
  • Review – formulation of financial statements according to E.U. Directives.
  • Banking systems evaluation.
  • Evaluation of bank’s assets.
  • Evaluation of insurance companies assets.
  • Bank founding and establishment services up to the – ready – to operate status.


  • Operational audits.
  • Action plan development and implementation.
  • Sectoral studies.
  • Development of organisation schemes, organisation charts design, work flow and procedures.
  • Efficiency evaluation of organisation – management systems.
  • Master plans.
  • Establishment of internal audit systems and procedures.
  • Municipal and Regional Development projects.


  • Formulation of corporate mission and objectives.
  • Design of strategic plans and long term business programmes.
  • Investment feasibility studies.
  • Project studies related to investment¬† incentive laws.
  • Strategic marketing.
  • Design and organization of M.l.S. systems.
  • Project management.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Tax services.
  • Job evaluations.
  • Primary sector development plans.
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